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Attention HS and City Band members!

Remember the Homcoming parades, concerts and competitions?

Just wondering if some band members are coming to the All School Reunion. We could meet up in the band room. 

Lee Ann (Tollefson) Ruplinger, class of 66

Oboe, Flute, Piccolo

Lee Tollefson Ruplinger
RHS All-Swimmers Breakfast

If you were a swimmer in the 70's for Robbinsdale High School, there is a "swimmers breakfast" at Perkins in Crystal. Saturday, October 19, @ 9am.  Most of the responders were swimmers in the years '72-'76. Dick Waskey, Ron Vail, Ed Petersen, Chuck Beckmann, Randy Skaar, Keith Nelson, Chris Bosch, Tom Marks (now John Thomas,) Dan Digatono, Lynn Guilfoyle (Abe,) Dick Greelis, Ron Brown, etc ... If you recognize these names and you were a swimmer, you probably want to go. RSVP at - John Skitch Luzaich.

John (Skitch) Luzaich '74
Purchasing Old Yearbooks

I'm not aware of this, but will get back to you if we can.  

John Nerdahl '64


At one time I saw that you could order old yearbooks at

-Roni Pieri

Roni Pieri
Our family

We are about to celebrate our 60th wedding anniversary November 27th

We have three sons, Five grandson, one granddaughter and three great grandchildren

DawnRae VS Day
Dan McHugh Still Swimming Naked

Dan (The Q) caught the fever in Junior High and still can't bring himself to put on a suit.  Q - please put on a suit.

Hedberg '82
have 1973 and 1975 class year books for sale best offer


dave molly
1974 yearbook

Does anyone know where I can get a 1974 Robinsdale yearbook?

John Angel '74
1974 yearbook

I never purchased a class yearbook when I graduated in 1974....does anyone know where I can get one??

John Angel
Jackie Jensen

Kathy Dunleavy is trying to contact you.  April 10

steve longaecker
Only 1 year to go

This great celebration of Robbinsdale High School will begin just one year from now. A great deal of planning is going into this event. If you love the memory and tradition of RHS --why not come and work with us to make this a special time ?? The planning committee meetings are the third Tuesday of each month at 7pm at the old RHS--come and join us.

We want to honor the legacy of the great Robbinsdale High School and establish a permanent place to commemorate the greatness of good old Robbinsdale and the surrounding communities that made RHS the envy of high schools in the great state of Minnesota. See you on Oct18, 2013. Mark Sorenson, Chairman of the RHS All Class Reunion

Mark Sorenson
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