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Mark martinson

ard you sure of the spelling ? Son or sen ? There is a Karl Martibeen that now lives in Florida or maybe a snowbird. Also has a home in elk river  age 71 which would be about the right age   There are contact numbers  but do not want to put them here 

dan Johnson RHS 69 

Dan Johnson '69
Homecoming Button

Can anyone tell me what year this homecoming button is from?


Zach Nienaber
Karl Martinson

I knew Karl, from Noble School on....but no clue where he is now.  Wish I could help.


Bonnie Gabrys Saul

RHS Class of '63

Bonnie Gabrys '63
Hoping to find Karl Martinson

My sisters and I went to Noble Elementary School but I was the only one to graduate from RHS. My oldest sister, Lee Ann, went to University High School in 7th grade and graduated from there in 1963. She is trying to contact a Noble School classmate who attended Robbinsdale High School (and probably Sandburg Jr. High) but whose family moved before his senior year. Did anyone else know Karl at Noble, Sandburg, and/or RHS? Any idea where he is living now? He would have been born in 1945 (+/-) and would have graduated from some high school in 1963. He wore glasses, wrote poetry, and may have acted in plays at RHS. We are looking for an email address, mailing address, or another way to connect. Thanks for any help you can offer.

Kristi Putnam '70
Seeking contact info for Karl Martinson RHS '63

Does anyone know how I can reach Karl Arthur Martinson, Robbinsdale High School class of 1963? I believe he was active in theater. He attended Noble Elementary with my older sister. She went on to University High School and lost touch. She is interested in getting a phone number, email address, or mailing address for him. She has a book of poems he wrote and she'd like to return them to him. Thank you.

Kristi Putnam '70
The 50th Reunion for those 1968 Graduates is now being planned!

The 50th Reunion for those 1968 Graduates is now being planned!

It'll probably be in August, September or October 2018.

No details yet BUT we'll have a short meeting at the RHS Alumni Luncheon September  14 in Maple Grove, MN.

Let me know if you plan to attend, ok?


Terri Thompson Neby

Terri Thompson '68

Is there a Committee forming for the 50th Reunion for the Class of1968?

if not, should we get one going? I'll help!

Lynne 😊 A Robin!

Lynne Bowers '68
Re: Yearbooks

I believe that both Cooper and Robbinsdale Alumni Associations who oversee their own archives may have extra yearbooks from some of the years. You can also watch for them on Ebay, or pay for a digital version on

Karin Berglund '67
Robbinsdale Robins Boys Basketball Fundraiser/Dinner tonight!

Tonight (Tuesday Jan 31) from 5pm til 7:30pm is our fundraiser/dinner for Robbinsdale Robins boys basketball. It is being held at Frankies Restaurant in New Hope (3556 Winnetka Ave). Robins basketball is for players from Cooper and Armstrong not playing for the high school teams.

The dinner is an all-you-can-eat pizza/pasta/salad/bread and soft drinks for just $10! All proceeds go to paying for gym time, entry fees and uniforms for our Robins program.  Hope to see you there!

Wally Langfellow '79
where can I buy yearbooks?

I am wanting to buy RHS yearbook 1981 and 1982 & AHS 1983.

Any suggestions?

Jonelle Tempesta '80
Fourth Novel Published

My fourth novel, a Dystopia, 2064 A Warning, is now available at Amazon etc.  It is a story about a young couple trying to survive under very difficult conditions. 

Russell Warnberg '62
Fund Raiser for the Jim Blanske family class of 76

COACHES VS. CANCER!!! --February 13th
Michelle Blanske is a wife and a mother of four children. Her and her children have been very active in our schools and community. She was diagnosed with Stage 4 Thyroid Cancer in December of 2013 and is still fighting it’s end battle today. In 2015 she was diagnosed with Triple Negative Breast Cancer. She underwent 12 weeks of chemotherapy treatment. On February 1st, she had a double mastectomy.
With having two different cancers within a 2 year timeframe, it has taken a huge toll on the family financially. Michelle has not been able to work. At the St. Francis Saints Boys and Girls Varsity Basketball games on Saturday, February 13th, we will be having a silent auction and some raffles for her at this Coaches vs. Cancer event. The silent auction will start at 5pm in the High School commons and will go through half time of the boy’s game. All money raised will go to help with medical expenses. We hope many of you can show up to this event and help support this local family during this most difficult time.

You can also support them through the "gofundme" created by their daughter Hollie Blanske. Blanske vs. Breast Cancer.

Julie Bohn '73
Third Novel now released

The third novel in the Detective Cole Sullivan Series, has now been released and is available almost everywhere.

Russell Warnberg '62
Trailer for new novel

Please take a look at this book trailer.


Russell Warnberg '62
New Novel

My second novel in the Detective Cole Sullivan Series is now out.  Take advantage of the special ebook price.  Class of 62

Russell Warnberg '62
Alumni at Famous Dave's

Alumni (1975) Ron Tracy is performing at Famous Dave's Uptown Battle of the Blues Bands on Sunday May 4 semi finals 4:30-7:30 with the Big Fat Groove Band. Winner progresses to the finals on May 18. Call for reservations or just come and support. 

Karen Barthel
RHS Distinguished Alumni Hall of Fame

Robbindale High School
Alumni Association

Editorial Contact:...
Mary Helmbrecht,

Howard Schwartz,

Robbinsdale HS to honor 10 alumni
Robbinsdale High School, now a middle school, will honor 10 alumni whose distinguished careers have touched the lives of Minnesotans and others at a special ceremony on Saturday, May 3, 2014, at 7 pm. The honorees have excelled in medicine and science, business and professional, arts and entertainment, humanitarian and service and lifetime achievement.
The ceremony continues the recognition of alumni who graduated during the 48 year history of the Robbinsdale High School. Each will be entered into an Alumni Hall of Fame where a special plaque will recognize individual achievements.
The first annual ceremony will follow a re-dedication of Robbinsdale High School and the placement of a marker which identifies the building as a historical landmark at 6 pm.
This year’s honorees are: Dr. Barbara Johnston, Ronald Handberg, Rev Carmen Warner-Robbins, James Lukaszewski, Michael Fiterman, Barry Morrow, Richard Hagstrom, Ember Reichgott Junge, Dennie Gordon and John Jacobson.
The inductees will gather in the high school auditorium for the ceremony. Each will be recognized for their individual achievements. Following the ceremony, all will gather in the former cafeteria for a light reception.

Mary Helmbrecht
Dick (Richard) Sutton

Even though we lost Dick at a young age (42) his friends in highschoool really did enjoy his friendship.

Cindy Cobey '64
Class of '64 - 50th Reunion

Sign up for the 50th reunion of Robbinsdale - Class of 1964.  Go to the website - "" and sign up.  The website is free.

Get information on the 50th scheduled for August, 2014.

See you there!

Bob Engen '64

Robert Engen '64
Sad News...

Hello to all of you who may have known my older sisters - Betty Hanson (Rossing) class of '60 and Carolyn Hanson (Schildgen) class of '64.  Both of these sisters have passed away - Betty in 2006 and Carolyn earlier this year in April 2013.  My sister Alice Hanson was signed up for this weekend's reunion and was so excited to see old friends from Robbinsdale even though she ultimately graduated from Cooper - class of '67.  She had been classmates with many at Robbinsdale Jr High, but started at Cooper the first year it opened.  I'm sorry to report that Alice passed away unexpectedly on Firday 10/11/13.  She had been a professor at St Olaf for more than 30 years, but never lost her affecttion for Robbinsdale School District experiences.  She will be missed.  It is just so sad that she did not live to have the weekend with you.  Best wishes to you all.  Bonnie Hanson Boedecker - Cooper Class of '78

Bonnie Boedecker
Band alumni

Hi Lee Ann,

I have heard that band alumni are meeting in the band room at noon Saturday.  No instruments.


Tom Walsh '66

Tom Walsh
Please take lots of pictures

I can't make the reunion, but I'd love to see pictures of Noble Elementary and the later high school. Class of '81!

Natalie Koska Bircher Wiste
Hello Class of '74

We have 34 known to be attending from 1974. Make sure to tell all your classmates you know to get signed up and buy tickets. Let's break the 200+ attending from the class of '74


If you haven't registrated and want to get wristbands early contact me, I have 10 wristbands available. (I can get more if needed) Bruce at or Twitter:@brucevee or Skype:Bruce.VanderSchaaf


I live in the Twin Cities so we can meet somewhere to provide you the wristbands. $19.36 check.

RHS Alumni Association
Band Reunion

The Robbinsdale City Band will be playing before the program on Saturday.  There are a number of RHS graduates in the band.  I got asked by someone if there was going to be a 'band reunion' so I suggested that maybe before or after the Saturday progarm would be a good time to get together.  I like the suggestion of meeting by the band room.  Any preference on before or after (noon or 3:00)?

Becky Widmer Haapanen
Attention HS and City Band members!

Remember the Homcoming parades, concerts and competitions?

Just wondering if some band members are coming to the All School Reunion. We could meet up in the band room. 

Lee Ann (Tollefson) Ruplinger, class of 66

Oboe, Flute, Piccolo

Lee Tollefson Ruplinger
RHS All-Swimmers Breakfast

If you were a swimmer in the 70's for Robbinsdale High School, there is a "swimmers breakfast" at Perkins in Crystal. Saturday, October 19, @ 9am.  Most of the responders were swimmers in the years '72-'76. Dick Waskey, Ron Vail, Ed Petersen, Chuck Beckmann, Randy Skaar, Keith Nelson, Chris Bosch, Tom Marks (now John Thomas,) Dan Digatono, Lynn Guilfoyle (Abe,) Dick Greelis, Ron Brown, etc ... If you recognize these names and you were a swimmer, you probably want to go. RSVP at - John Skitch Luzaich.

John (Skitch) Luzaich '74
Purchasing Old Yearbooks

I'm not aware of this, but will get back to you if we can.  

John Nerdahl '64


At one time I saw that you could order old yearbooks at

-Roni Pieri

Roni Pieri
Our family

We are about to celebrate our 60th wedding anniversary November 27th

We have three sons, Five grandson, one granddaughter and three great grandchildren

DawnRae VS Day
Dan McHugh Still Swimming Naked

Dan (The Q) caught the fever in Junior High and still can't bring himself to put on a suit.  Q - please put on a suit.

Hedberg '82
have 1973 and 1975 class year books for sale best offer


dave molly
1974 yearbook

Does anyone know where I can get a 1974 Robinsdale yearbook?

John Angel '74
1974 yearbook

I never purchased a class yearbook when I graduated in 1974....does anyone know where I can get one??

John Angel
Jackie Jensen

Kathy Dunleavy is trying to contact you.  April 10

steve longaecker
Only 1 year to go

This great celebration of Robbinsdale High School will begin just one year from now. A great deal of planning is going into this event. If you love the memory and tradition of RHS --why not come and work with us to make this a special time ?? The planning committee meetings are the third Tuesday of each month at 7pm at the old RHS--come and join us.

We want to honor the legacy of the great Robbinsdale High School and establish a permanent place to commemorate the greatness of good old Robbinsdale and the surrounding communities that made RHS the envy of high schools in the great state of Minnesota. See you on Oct18, 2013. Mark Sorenson, Chairman of the RHS All Class Reunion

Mark Sorenson
(800) 965-9020
Fax: (954) 241-5054
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